The Best Ways To Store Your Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (So They Don’t Melt)

Top Mistakes

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There are some BIG mistakes that can be made when storing your soft plastic lures!

And if you store them the wrong way, you may be left with a huge mess and ruin all of your lures.

Soft plastic fishing lures melt when you store them incorrectly, but since there are several types of soft plastic lures, it can be confusing trying to remember all the rules.

So in this quick video, you’ll see the best ways to store your soft plastic lures and the one HUGE mistake to avoid.

The easiest way to safely store soft plastics so you don’t have to remember the specific rules about the material it’s made of.

If you’ve ever had your soft plastics melt together, you are going to want to watch this video!

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