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Sincere greetings and love to all ,
You may have seen different ways of fishing,Whether it’s for big fishing or small fishing.But believe the method we present to you and is amazing, So we have used this new method for fishing vaam fish or gochi fish .

Today we present to you a new method of fishing .When the water in the pond is reduced during winter, some of the fish form shelters in the soft mud,Especially vaam fish, stinging catfish,Eel fish can build shelter .

Applying the secret oil and powder in the upper dry mud just came out many Vaam fish.

We call this method a truly amazing method,And we always try to show the highest part of you. Fishing Powder and Fishing oil is not a chemical or drug made by the complete domestic process.

These fish are not usually found in ponds or small river canal dives,Because the amount of these fish in our environment has decreased greatly.The market price for them is very high.If you like this method, please like and share and subscribe to the channel.

*** It is not our intention to injure or harm any animal in the video.
***The video shows a method of unique Fishing.
****This Video Only Entertainment Purposes Only.

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