SHORT Fishing Guide to R5 The Catch in 1 DAY! Genshin Impact

Tips And Tricks

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Hi Travellers, you really want to start fishing ASAP! Here are some tips and tricks to get “THE CATCH” R5 as fast as you can. HUGE thanks to everyone who let my Aloy catch fish in your world.

Fishing Infographics:
Interactive Map:
Genshin Wiki:

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Getting Started
00:38 Buy Bait Recipes
00:48 Craft Bait
01:04 Total Fish Needed
01:22 Raimei Angelfish Location
01:54 Fishing Tips Tricks
02:09 Day Night Cycle
02:22 Number of Fish per Spot
02:49 Koi & Pufferfish Locations
03:13 Interactive Map & Wiki
03:24 Personal Stories
03:48 Total Time Required

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