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Welcome back to Fish Like Us! Today we’re going to show you a rig setup perfect for beginners and also used by pros. This is a fishing for beginners video with a seasoned twist – the fish finder rig.

The fish finder rig is an unbeatable rig for catching a variety of fish. We have hooked everything with this rig including:

*Speckled Sea Trout
*and more!

This is a classic rig setup for bass fishers in the freshwater and is often used in the saltwater with the same purpose: to find fish. The design of this rig is created to give your bait a lifelike approach while keeping it close to the seafloor. It’s used in the surf, on the piers, and from boats. We often use it in our kayaks when we anchor. If you’re wondering how we do that, please visit our Hobie Pro Angler 17T Review video to view a demonstration of our anchor trolly and how that all works.

Whether it’s your first time fishing, or you’re a seasoned pro, the fish finder rig is a go-to. It’s easy to tie up, requires simple gear, and can be utilized in a variety of situations. For a detailed description of how to tie this rig or where to find the gear, please visit our blog by clicking the link below.

As an angler, you’re going to need a few knot-tying skills to land those fish. Learning a few simple knots will have you tying this rig up in no time. View our improved clinch knot video and simple snell knot video for more detailed demonstrations and explanations on how to tie these knots. You can also find more intermediate and advanced knots on our knot tying playlist.

If you’ve used the fish finder rig before, leave us a moment below with what you’ve caught! It may help to inspire courage in our new viewers while validating continued use of a great rig setup for our fellow anglers.

May your fish be mighty, and your waters be clean!


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Welcome back to Fish Like Us! Today we’re bringing you one of the most powerful tools you’ll use fishing anywhere: the fish finder rig! This rig setup is great when fishing for beginners and is a go-to favorite for seasoned pros, and we’re here to share this rig setup.

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