What You Need To Start Saltwater Fishing, Walmart Beginners Fishing Stuff (Tackle, Rod, Reel, Gear)

Tips For Beginners

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Saltwater fishing for beginners. What you need from the Walmart sporting goods department to start salt water fishing. In this video I share a lot of tips while giving ideas for things that beginners to fishing must have in order to be successful.

There are many accessories to choose from at Walmart. I’ll give you some ideas for lures, hooks, sinkers, weights, swivels and gear you will need to get started. This video will help you make wise choices that will keep you from wasting money on things you don’t need for fishing.

Introduction 00:01
Reel and Rods 00:38
Fishing Line 01:44
Leader Line Sizes 03:18
What Tackle Box 03:41
Types Of Lures 04:15
Hooks, Sinkers, Swivels 06:54
Fishing Gear Needed 12:24

Section one is all about choosing the right size fishing reel and rod while giving brand name suggestions.

Section two explains what type of fishing line is best to use on the reel and offers some suggestions for leader line types and sizes.

Section three is a slight discussion about what tackle box might be best to start out with.

Section four is all about the different lures that would be good to have in your tackle box.

Section five is loaded with information about the right hooks, sinkers and swivels to buy.

Section six includes some various gear needed like, sunglasses, knives, bait buckets, aerators and needle nose pliers.

One of the main reasons I get fishing gear from Walmart is because they have a three month return policy. It’s nice to just be able to take something back and get a refund or have it replaced without any hassles. That is as long as you have your receipt, right?

When you start out fishing it can be overwhelming when you walk down a sporting goods isle and see all of the options. I hope this video helps you narrow down your choices and gets you equipped with the basic items you need.

Below I’ve listed all of the videos I mentioned in this one. They are all packed with helpful information.

►Reasonably priced braid https://amzn.to/3rDPgJk (paid link)

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