Some Beginner Tips For Offshore Fishing Florida (Steps To Success)

Tips For Beginners

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I’m pretty much a beginner at off shore fishing and am learning how to catch fish with bottom rigs and flat lines from Jettie Rocks Fishing with Mike D. . This video is from the first day of Red Snapper season on the east coast of Florida.

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You will find in this video an offshore fishing experience from start to finish of day one. I have included some of the steps to being successful at catching fish on the bottom with cut bait and while free-lining Cigar Minnows, Hearing or Spanish Sardines.

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During this trip we caught Red Snapper, White Grunts and several species of sharks.

A Few Beginners Tips For Offshore Fishing Success:

1. A depth finder, bottom recorder is an absolute must

2. Once you find good hard bottom or structure anchor the boat, drop some bottom lines with small pieces of shrimp or squid to see if there are any bait fish where you are at. If you catch a few smaller fish the chances are good you are anchored in the right spot.

3. Throw a flat line or free line out behind the boat with a Spanish Sardine, Hearing or Cigar Minnow as bait and let it just drift freely with the current and wind. You might catch a Barracuda, King Mackerel, Bonita, Cobia, shark or other specie of fish

4. Use some cut bait such as Grunts for bottom fishing

My knowledge of how to fish offshore is very limited. For expert tips, methods, steps and advice please visit Jettie Rocks Fishing With Mike D.. His knowledge of fishing of the coast of Florida spans over many decades.

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