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In this video we link up with Riah and his friends for a birthday spearfishing trip with the goal of spearing enough fish to fry over an open fire on the beach. We teach them some new spearfishing techniques as well as point out some common beginner mistakes and how to fix them. We have a great time and shoot just enough for a sunset fish fry on the beach. Happy Birthday Riah hope you had fun and learned something!

100% SOLD OUT of MERCH!!! Thank You guys so much!!! Next drop MID NOVEMBER!!!

One of the best ways to support us is by purchasing your spearfishing gear through American Dive Co and using RMX10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order. Below are some links to some of my favorite spearfishing gear.

Cetma Mantra Fins. I’m using these in medium stiffness with Pathos footpockets.
Cetma Composites Mantra for Pathos

Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Spearguns. I’m currently using the 110 as my deep reef and bluewater gun.
Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Speargun

Pathos Sniper Aluminum Speargun. I like the 100 cm for a shallow water all around reef gun.
Pathos Sniper Aluminum Speargun

Pathos Laser Open Aluminum Speargun. Great quality entry level gun that I often let beginners use.
Pathos Laser Open Aluminum Speargun

SpearPro Dyneema Gloves. I am a huge fan of Dyneema gloves and these are simply the best.
SpearPro Dyneema Gloves Tuna

PoloSub 3.5 mm Open Cell Wetsuit. Comfort is everything in the ocean and I haven’t found anything else like the Italian made PoloSub suits.
Polosub Lined Open Cell Black 3.5mm Mens Wetsuits

Beuchat Mundial Freedive Watch.
Beuchat Mundial 3 – Electronic Freediving Computer / Dive Watch


Products You May Like

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