Making mistakes while fly fishing | First Time Out | Fly Fishing Short Film | #flyfishing #film

Top Mistakes

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Join us as Brian and I finally get out on the water for the first time of 2021. Sometimes the excitement of that first time out leads to mistakes and Brian and I make a few. We miss hits, drop rods, trip, and tangle with a big log. This isn’t your #brostaff video with pictures of folks making all the right choices and hoisting up big fish, this is normal people making normal mistakes, and pushing through to success (and perhaps smaller fish :D).

Camera Gear
Panasonic GH5
Insta 360 One-R
IPhone XS

Fishing Gear
Cortland Nymphing Rod 10’6″ 3wt
Watermaster Grizy by Big Sky Inflatables

Audio Sound Effects provided through

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