Evolution of fishing rods 2,000 BCE – 2020 | History of Fishing rods, Documentary video


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History and evolution of fishing rods goes back to ancient Egypt and China. By stone inscriptions, dating back to 2000 BC, fishing rods were used in ancient Egypt, China, Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Rome and medieval England. But fishing rod was invented even earlier. In this short video I will show you the full history of Fishing Rods, so ensure to watch to the end of this video.

The Evolution of Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels

2,000 BCE – The first Fishing Rod Was Invented. Based on stone inscriptions that date as far back as 2000 B.C, there were many people in ancient Egypt and China using fishing rods.

400 BCE – Improvements on the Fishing Rods. A Chinese account of about the 4th century BC refers to fishing with a silk line, a hook made from a needle, and a bamboo rod, with cooked rice as bait.

1770 – Early Fishing Reel and Rod were made. The first rudimentary reel had consisted of a wooden spool with a metal ring that fitted over the angler’s thumb.

1800 – Improvements to Fishing Rod. Rods were also improved as heavy native woods were superseded by straight-grained, tough, elastic woods, such as lancewood and greenheart from South America and the West Indies, and by bamboo.

1901 – Modern Fishing Rods were made. In the 20th century, rods became shorter and lighter without sacrificing strength. Modern fishing rods are constructed from fiberglass, graphite, or carbon fiber in the never-ending pursuit of strength, sensitivity, and durability in lightweight configurations.

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