Beginners Guide To A Fly Rod for Fly Fishing

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In this video, Drifthook Fly Fishing explains the ins and outs of today’s modern fly fishing rod. Most rods on the market come in 4-piece or 2-piece sections. We will go over the benefits of both types, and what kind of fly rod you should have when you go out on the water.

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 History of the Fly Rod
0:45 Sections of Your Rod
0:56 Setting Up Your Rod And Reel
1:12 What Weight Fly Rod Should I Get?
3:08 What Length Fly Rod Should I Get
3:50 What Is Rod Action And Which Action Is Best For You?
4:03 What Is A Fast Action Rod?
4:35 What Is A Moderate-Fast Action Rod?
4:55 What Is A Moderate Action Rod?
5:12 What Is A Slow Action Rod?

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