DON’T Go FISHING until You know THESE 5 KNOTS (Complete Knot Tutorial)

Hook Knots

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Fishing knots are the most important aspect of fishing. Sometimes you can throw the wrong line, lure, rod and reel and still catch bass. But if you don’t get your fishing knot right, you may never catch a bass!


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Bass fishing knots are one of the easiest things to learn when it comes to your fishing game. However, making sure that you get these fishing knots right is crucial in order to start catching more fish.

You can do a lot of things wrong and still catch bass but getting your fishing knot wrong is going to lead to a lot of frustration.

To me there are 5 knots that I use when I go bass fishing, and I use them for a number of different reasons that we will discuss in the video. The 5 I like the most are the double pitzen, snell, palomar, crazy alberto, and FG Knot.

Some of these knots are meant to be tied straight to your lure while other knots are meant for connecting two types of line together.

If you know these 5 knots then you can do anything you want to in bass fishing.

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