Fishing Knot Skills | Tie A Hook With Traditional Snell Knot

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The best way to tie a hook with a snell knot!

The traditional snell knot is possible the best fishing knot to snell a hook.

There are several ways to tie a fishing hook with various snell knots, but the traditional snell knot has stood the test of time. It is extremely strong, and easy to tie once you master the hand movements.

In this video, I show you three camera angles to help you learn how to tie a traditional snell knot, whip-finish style.

This knot is great because it can be fished with a leader, or you can simply tie it at the end of your mainline.

Fishing snell knots are usually used when bait fishing with circle hooks as it helps turn the hook in the fish’s mouth.

If you want to learn 8 more awesome snell knots, check out my other snell knot video!

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