Florida Keys REEF FISHING Tips & Tricks! Ladies Fish Camp Part 1

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Florida Keys Reef Fishing Tips & Tricks! Targeting Snapper & Grouper – Ladies Fish Camp Part 1

Many of you know we recently hosted two weekends for ladies ONLY fish camps in the Florida Keys! These camps were designed to teach lady anglers everything they needed to know about fishing. From knot tying and rigging, to anchoring, bottom machine reading and most importantly hooking and landing fish…we covered A LOT of topics! Of course we knew we wanted to film these camps so you (our viewers) could get in on some of the tips and tricks taught at these camps!

In Part 1 we took our ladies fishing to the patch reefs and deep reef in the Florida Keys targeting mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, grouper, jacks and more. We briefly discussed knot tying and headed out to catch our bait (pinfish). From there it was straight to the reef to fish for snappers with dead shrimp, chunks of ballyhoo and deboned (or butterflied) ballyhoo. We used small jigs and knocker rigs to target fish at different depths of the water column and went over some details of netting fish as well. Back at the dock the ladies were eager to learn fish fillet so we taught them how to fillet their yellowtail snappers and yellow jacks!

Over the course of the two camps we were able to fish the Florida Keys Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters. From reef, to wrecks and 20+ miles offshore we targeted the many different fish species that the Florida Keys has to offer! Stay tuned for more…

WATCH PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVsmXQCtgVo

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