Fishing Knot Skills | 9 Fishing Knots To Snell A Hook

Hook Knots

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Learn how to snell a hook using one or all of these 9 methods! How many of these snell knots can you tie?

In this fishing knot skills video, I will show you how to snell a hook for fishing, using several different methods.

Some of these snell knots are very simple, while some require practice to master the hand movements and finger placement while tying them.

There are tons of fishing knots, and the number of techniques for snelling a fishing hook are no different. At the end of the day, everyone has their own personal preferences. Do your research and testing with these knots before settling with one technique.

Among the easiest ways to snell a hook are the knotless knot, the uni knot snell, and the easy snell knot.

The traditional snell snell is one of the oldest and most proven ways to snell a hook. It can be a challenge to tie, but I show how to tie it using the whip-finish method or wrapping method, as well as a technique to tie it using a straw. It makes the knot tying process much easier.

The knotless knot and silly snell seem to have the highest failure rate when using heavy mono, but I have never had a knotless knot fail when using braided line.

Among one of the most useful ways to snell a hook, it the egg loop knot. It forms an adjustable loop that allows you to loop your bait directly onto the hook.

The sliding snell or adjustable snell is very useful when fishing with large bait, as you can adjust the distance between your two fishing hooks.

In this video, I also show you the simplest way to tie a double hook rig as well by using two snell knots.

If you love fishing knot tutorials, and easy to follow how-to videos, then you will love my channel! Thanks for watching!

00:00 the easy snell
01:09 uni knot snell
02:16 traditional snell knot (whip finish method)
03:30 knotless knot
04:12 egg loop knot
05:52 silly snell
07:05 traditional snell (straw method)
08:32 double hook snell rig
09:36 sliding/adjustable snell

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