Fishing Knot Skills | 12 Fishing Knots For Hooks, Swivels, Lures

Hook Knots

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12 of the best fishing knots from easy to hard! How many can you tie?

In this video I will show multiple ways to attach a fishing hook, swivel, or lure. Some knots are very easy such as the uni knot and clinch knot, while others are more challenging such as the loop knot and san diego jam knot.

While the best fishing knot is up for debate, I always use the palomar knot for braided fishing line, and in most situations I use the uni knot or improved clinch knot when fishing with monofilament.

The uni knot, clinch knot, and trilene knot are good all-around knots. The snell knot and knotless knot is good for snelling a hook, especially when fishing with circle hooks. When you want to increase the action of your lure/bait, the loop knot and figure 8 knot are good options.

The fishing knots you will learn how to tie in this video are the palomar knot, the improved clinch knot, the trilene knot, the knotless knot, the figure 8 knot, the uni knot, the centauri knot, the snell knot, the offshore swivel knot, the dropper loop, the loop knot, and the san diego jam knot.

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00:00 Palomar knot
00:40 Improved clinch knot
01:28 Trilene knot
02:19 Knotless Knot
03:02 FIgure 8 knot
03:42 Uni knot
04:37 Centauri knot
05:18 snell knot
06:21 offshore swivel knot
07:15 dropper loop
08:25 loop knot
09:32 san diego jam knot

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