Creek Fishing: Everything You Need to Know: Setup, Gear, Tips, and Tricks

Tips And Tricks

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Small / tiny creek fishing can be a blast for bass, bluegill, crappie, trout, catfish, chubs, etc. I hope this how-to video on creek fishing tips, tricks, lures, baits, gear, and setup help you catch more fish this year! Links to several creek fishing supply items I use:
Small Hooks:
Panther Martin Inline Spinners:
Great Small Crankbaits for creeks:

Cameras used to film video:
Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Instagram: anglers_escape

Thanks for watching and as Always, Good Luck Fishing!

Creek Fishing Checklist:
1. Light action Rod and Reel around 6′ in length
2. Fishing line (4-8lb test line monofilament)
3. Lures (panther martin or bluefox inline spinners, small crankbaits, and small 1/64th ounce to 1/18th ounce jigs)
4. Worms (Walmart sells for $3-4 a box in the sporting goods section). OR dig own worms.
5. Bobber
6. Split shot
7. Small hooks (size 12 to size 2)
8. Water Shoes or waders
9. Bucket or backpack to carry fishing equipment

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