Top 3 FISHING TACKLE MISTAKES (Most Saltwater Anglers Make)

Top Mistakes

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Are you overpaying for your inshore saltwater fishing tackle?

Are you buying tackle that is actually hurting your chances of catching saltwater fish?

Do you have the completely wrong rod for your spinning reel?

The chances are good that you’re making at least one of these three tackle mistakes…

It’s so critical that we put together an in-depth training for you (because it’s what we wished someone had shared with us many years ago).

Here are the 3 cases studies we cover in this tackle training video:

Case Study #1 – How to avoid buying the wrong rod for your spinning reel (almost ALL weekend warriors make this costly mistake…)
Case Study #2 – How to save hundreds of dollars on leader line (and have a superior leader line with higher abrasion and breaking strength)!
Case Study #3 – Why these inexpensive inshore reels are keeping up with (and many times out-performing) the top of the line spinning reels (even after being dunked in saltwater)…

Watch it now (or go here to save the page so you can watch it anytime):

Tight lines and thank you so much for your support!

Joe Simonds
Salt Strong co-founder

P.S. – If you’re planning to purchase fluorocarbon line or an inshore spinning reel this year, then you’ve got to see this full video! Don’t miss this awesome training that many inshore anglers are saying game-changing.

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