STOP Fishing A DROP SHOT Like This (3 Drop Shot Mistakes)

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Drop Shot fishing for bass is something that has been around for a long time. With the being said, I think some anglers have developed bad habits when its comes to drop shot fishing.

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Drop shot fishing is no secret but I think guys can overcomplicate the drop shot at times. I really like to keep the drop shot simple.

The best thing about fishing a drop shot is you can fish it in extremely deep water and very shallow water. It catches fish that are active and inactive!

One thing that I think guys don’t think too much about when it comes to a drop shot, is their leader length. Sometimes going to really short leaders or going to really long leaders can make a huge difference in getting bites and not.

Another mistakes that I see a lot of anglers make with a drop shot, is they tend to overwork the lure. A drop shot is a finesse technique, the reason why finesse techniques work is because they don’t have a lot of action.

So start imparting less action in your drop shot and start catching more fish!

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