Lixada Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel – REVIEW


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Rod and Reel (Amazon):
Rod and reel (Ebay):
The rods are different on Ebay (small guide rings)
I went for the 1.5m (5 foot) telescopic rod and reel (Amazon) which came in the Lixada bag (see pictures and video) as my local river is not huge.
The rod is very well made and although most of the action is in the tip section that is to be expected due to the telescopic nature of the rod – the lower sections need to be quite stiff since the rod folds up into itself.
The closed length of the rod is only 31cm (approx. 12″) making it a good choice for packing into a backpack or suitcase and the reel has a folding handle which allows for flatter packing.
I would advise getting a reel cover to keep the reel clean if it will be spending time in and out of a backpack.

The reel has a nicely made design which incorporates an effective drag dial and a handle lock to prevent handle being turned backward if you want to rely on the drag while playing fish (that is my choice of set up – lock ON and drag set to enable a decent sized fish to safely pull line). Reel fits securely into the reel seat and the seat has a double ring lock system to ensure that the reel stays in place while in use.
Casting is easy and the bale arm doesn’t flick back over while casting unless it is knocked quite hard. Using the 1.5m rod I can easily cast an 8g spinner around 30m without much effort – that gets it to the other side of the widest part of my local river so it’s all good there.
Reeling in is very smooth and totally silent indicating that the internals of the reel are well put together and running properly.

The guide rings on the rod are a decent size which is great to see since many of the small telescopic rods available online have tiny guide rings which affect casting distance – this feels more like a ‘proper’ rod.

As with all telescopic rods care must be given while opening and closing each section of the rod and it’s definitely best to avoid pulling on the rings or they will eventually weaken and snap off – I’ve shown the correct method in the attached video for reference.

So, in summary…..
Does this rod and reel combo perform well? YES
Will it catch fish? YES
Will it last a long time? YES, with sensible care.
Could you rely on it in a survival situation? YES
Will it pack down into a backpack? YES, although a reel cover would be advised to protect the reel.
How many stars? 5, all the way.

If you are into survival / bushcraft you may want to check out the Lixada titanium stove or stainless steel stove – it’s not related to fishing gear but it is a great item to have in your bug out bag / bushcraft kit and it also represents excellent value.

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