3 Easy Fishing Knots for Hooks You MUST Know

Hook Knots

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In this video I teach you 3 easy fishing knots for hooks that you MUST know! These knots can be used for Hooks, Swivels, salt, or freshwater. These 3 knots are are some of the easiest fishing knots and they’re super strong. I always tie these 3 knots every time I go out on the water, so I thought I would teach you guys how to tie them. Clinch Knot, Loop Knot, and Polamar Knot can all come in handy if you add them to your fishing knowledge. I enjoy making how to videos for you guys. Step by step tutorials are needed to learn new fishing techniques

Remember, 120 likes on this video and I will select a random winner for a pack of DOA Shrimp.

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