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Jig fishing for beginners, a look at the basics of light lure fishing on the canal, jig heads, soft plastic shads, curly tail grubs and crayfish lures to get you started. Light lure fishing for perch and pike is an excellent way to get out for a few hours over the winter period whilst waiting for your spring carp fishing to start and this video explains the basics.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 What is a Jig Head?
02:26 What Size Jig Head for Jig Fishing?
04:43 Soft Lures for Jig Fishing
09:37 Fishing Tackle for Jig Fishing
11:15 3 Lures to Start Jig Fishing
12:11 Jig Fishing for Perch
21:42 Braid to Mono Fishing Knot

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