DON’T Make these MISTAKES NED Rig Fishing in Spring (STOP)

Top Mistakes

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Don’t make these mistakes when you’re fishing a ned rig for bass in spring! Stop them and odds are you will start to catch more fish. In this video we expect the fish to be in an early spring mod and in fact they are deeper in the water than expected. We change from swimbaits to the finesse fishing tackle like ned rigs on spinning rod setups with light fishing line and catch HUGE bass with my buddy @Matt Woodard – make sure to throw Matt a sub!!!

Want the lures, fishing rods, and fishing line, as well as the ned rig jig we used in the video?

Nichols JT Mag Ned

Power Ned Rig Jig

Fat Ace for ned trailer

My ned rig fishing rod 6’10” M

Finesse fishing line for spinning rods

Flourocarbon leader line

Bog shirts

My Lowrance HDS Live

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