Saltwater vs. Freshwater Fishing Rods: Differences, Maintenance Tips, And When To Use Each One


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Here’s a question that we get a lot:

Can you use freshwater rods when fishing saltwater?

Many of us saltwater fishermen started out as bass anglers, so when we first got started in the salt, freshwater gear is all we had.

When I first started fishing I know I took my freshwater gear out fishing for reds.

But was that a smart thing to do?

In this video, I’m going to break down the real differences between freshwater and saltwater rods and show you the different applications during which you can use each of them.

You’ll also learn how to take care of your rods so that they’ll last longer and so you can save money on not having to buy a new one.

Plus, I’ll show how rod manufacturers try to get you to buy more rods (and why it’s not really true).

Have any questions about freshwater vs. inshore rods?

Let me know down in the comments!

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