BLUEFIN TUNA Fishing – Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks

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In this Daiwa Angler talk we answer some of the common questions around how to find and catch Bluefin Tuna. The New Zealand recreational Bluefin Tuna fishery has exploded in popularity over the past few years and is providing a welcome winter game fishing fix for lots of Kiwi Anglers.

We will cover a range of veiwer submitted questions covering everything from trolling speed and spread set up through to lure and teaser choices, sounder settings and even how to process your catch once you have found success.


1:36 – What is the optimum trolling speed?
3:03 – How far do you set the lures back?
4:42 – What are your favourite lures?
6:02 – What is your preference between spreader bars & daisy chains VS having only lures?
10:08 – Strip Teaser or Daisy Chain?
12:46 – What are the minimum size reels you can use?
17:09 – When are the best bite times?
17:55 – Does the Moon phase make any difference?
18:52 – What safety equipment do I need for offshore fishing?
20:35 – Are you looking for the Tuna on the sounder and if so what settings are best?
23:07 – How do you deal with the fish once you have caught them?
25:19 – What is your favourite Bluefin recipe?
26:22 – What note do you offer the fishing Gods on a slow day?
27:35 – What is the best beverage for raising them?

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