10 HIDDEN Fishing Tips & Tricks! (Season 4)

Tips And Tricks

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Fishing fever has taken over Fortnite island. Players young and old have been bitten by the fishing bug and just can’t keep out of the water. Season Four has introduced a variety of new fish with some pretty great power ups that help players out throughout the game. Fishing was first introduced into the game in Chapter Two, being a small mechanic that, until now, was largely ignored. It’s great that Epic Games is developing it into something more, as it’s a fun element of the game that makes Fortnite Island feel like an actual living breathing place, and not just a battleground. We here at NewScapeGames have been trying to fill up our Fish catalog with every single fishy friend we could find. In doing so we’ve developed some great techniques that we think will save you time and energy as you hunt down the mythic Midas Fish that has yet to be caught!

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