HOW TO: Drop Shot fishing [Complete BEGINNERS Guide]

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Here is my complete video guide to successful drop shot fishing, a very effective technique to catch predator fish. In this video I’m explaining what you need, how to tie a drop shot rig, where to fish with the drop shot rig and how to fish with the dropshot rig. Also, I’m giving some hands-on tips on how to optimize your drop shot rig for the best results.

Drop shot fishing is a very effective way to catch perch, zander, pike, bass, trout and all other sorts of predator fish. I’m using this rig for years now and I have managed to catch many and big fish this way. You can use it to fish small lures, a real finesse fishing technique to be able to catch fish almost everywhere. But I’m a fan of using it with a bit stronger leader, bigger hook and a bit bigger baits to target the somewhat bigger fish.

I use this rig in a lot of situations and on several types of spots. Using a heavy weight, it’s possible to cast your dropshot rig far out and still have the lure practically weightless near de bottom, exactly where the fish are swimming most of the time. It gives me the option to fish both fast, active and slow with the same setup.

If you have any questions about the drop shot rig, drop them in the comments and I will try to answer them!

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