HOW FISHING RODS ARE MADE? Production process of spinning rods.


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Secrets of creating high-module spinning rods in our new video. We’ll show you the birth of rods from an idea and concept till to the finished tackle. Course, we open the door of Favorite tackles factory! Watch and leave your questions under the video and we’ll answer on all of them.
Video on Russian language ➡
The video plan:
0:00 – introduction
0:37 – how a fishing rod creation starts. Anglers problems from worldwide. Tackles development for specific conditions and trends.
2:18 – searching for a rod idea, practical knowledge in different fishing types. Exploring of new technologies and materials.
3:47 – rod concept creating. Development of the technical specifications and design concept of a rod blank. From a sketch to 3D-model of a fishing rod.
6:51 – first samples, testing process at our factory and in real conditions. Further rods improvements.
7:47 – production of an approved fishing rod.
8:13 – how to carbon composite material turns into a rod blank with specified features.
11:11 – thermal treatment of the blank. Polishing process. Quality control.
13:27 – painting, applying logos and varnishing of the rod blank.
14:34 – handles and rings installation into rods.
17:05 – rod assembling. Quality control.
18:10 – finally, fishing in the real condition with our rod.
There are subtitles in different languages.
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