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~Gear & Tackle Used Linked Below~

We had an awesome day rainbow trout fishing on the South River in Waynesboro! In this video we’ll go over some basic tips and techniques on how to catch trout in a river!
Table of Contents:
How to Setup: 0:35
Where the Fish are Located: 2:27

Trout Inline Spinner Kits: & &

If you are new to using inline spinners I’d recommend getting a kit with a variety of them. Panther Martin has a great variety pack!

Trout Rod:

I use the 5 foot berkley cherrywood ultra light rod. The sensitivity on the rod is amazing, which makes it great to feel the trout. I also use this rod for catching panfish. The light action makes the fight fun!

Trout Reel:

The 1000FE is a great choice. It is not too big, but still holds a good amount of line. I have used my shimano reel for 10 years and have not had any problems with it. It still is smooth as butter!

Trout Combo:

Here is an option for you combo lovers out there, pick the light 5’6″! I use a pflueger trion reel for trout, crappier, and bass fishing and it works great. The rod appears to have great sensitivity, but still have enough backbone to set the hook.

Other Trout Rods & Reels:

Trout Strike Indicators: &

When float fishing for trout you need to get some strike indicators in order to be as effective as possible! These lightweight floats will ensure you see even the smallest of bites!

Flourocarbon Fishing Line:

When trout fishing you need to have flourocarbon line – as it’s almost invisible to the trout’s eyes (they have very good visibility and if they notice fishing line they may be hesitant to bite). I usually run a 4lb flouro leader!

Marabou Jig:

Get your variety pack of Marabou jigs today, so you can hook up on your PB! The thing I love about these lures is that they are cheap for how effective they are!

Split Shots:

You guessed it, another variety pack. It is really important to have a range of split shots you can put on your line. This allows you to test and see which weight works best for each of your reels, jig, and line type. Not to mention the ability to target different depths of water.

Trout Magnet: &

Trout magnets are one of the most popular lures to use under a float for trout….and rightfully so; they get the job done! I’d recommend getting a couple different colors to match the conditions you are fishing!

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we’re using a bunch of different lures

out here we’re gonna figure out

whistlers best for catch a trout today

we’re going fishing the stream

it hasn’t been stocked in a while well

we’re all using some different lers to

go through trout I’m using a rooster

tail Jack’s got the power bait on a

floating bobber and then Matt out there

is using a little jig head with the grub

sup guys so I just caught this trout

right in this rapid I’m using a little

float ring I’ve got a bobber and then

about foot in the half down I’ve got a

small little weight and then off that

three inches I got in the power baby

that’s gonna work because it’s gonna

suspend your bait in the water and the

trout are just gonna gobble that thing

up you want to make sure your bobber

height is at a depth where it’s gonna

just be going over the bottom of the

water so you’re gonna have to adjust

that different spots but it’s worth it

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