Billion Pound Fish – Full Documentary


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In this documentary, I explore the environmental impacts of Scotland’s salmon farms alongside wildlife filmmakers, conservationists, an ex-salmon farmer and wildlife tour operators living and working alongside this Billion pound industry. I explore some of the biggest issues including the shooting of seals, who predate the salmon in salmon farms, Acoustic Deterrent Devices that pose a threat to marine mammals like dolphins and porpoises, damage to the sea bed underneath salmon pens and disease outbreaks including sea lice, parasites that attach to the skin of salmon causing lesions and compromising fish welfare.

This is an industry that is worth so much – but we need to see investment in better practice. After all, what’s the price of an ecosystem?

Below you can see details on how you can help. There are a number of petitions below including a page to support the work of the seal sanctuary in Shetland but most importantly we need to spread the word. So PLEASE DO SHARE and use the #BillionPoundFish so we can get the salmon farming industry listening. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

To support the ban on the use of ADDs since the disturbance of dolphins or whales is considered illegal –

To support the ban of the expansion of the salmon farm where we filmed the disease outbreak –

To support Jan and Pete at Hillswick Seal Sanctuary you can donate here –

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