Fall Fishing hack: INCREASED HOOKUP better action

Fishing Hacks

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Fishing Hacks: This simple hack will increase your hook up ratio significantly! Catch more fish!
Fall fishing is the some of the best fishing! From Bass to Albies! Use this rig to convert more strikes into solid hookups!!

A quick note about How I plan on using the influencer program.
If i come accross any smoking deals (recently was a 70$ Daiwa fuego rod that was priced at 21$) I’ll add them to my list…so check it often!!

The link above will take you to my Amazon Influencer page. The Influencer program is a new way for youtubers to earn revenue by referring people to Amazon. Any purchase made after following the link (whether or not you buy what is in the link. Will directly support my channel and the work I do by paying a “finders fee”
It doesn’t effect the prices of items, or how you shop. Just how you get there. (a fairly passive way to help support the work I do!!)
You can also bookmark the link that way you always have easy access to a up to date list of great products (no junk)

Link to Mike Iaconelli’s rigging technique

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