Best Fishing Knot For Beginners (For Hooks AND Line To Line Connections)

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It’s fishing knot time!

There are DOZENS of fishing knots out there…

So many that it can be really confusing to know which knot to choose, right?

Well, here’s the good news: the fishing knot that I’m about to show you in this video is great for nearly everything.

From tying to your hook when you’re using live bait, to tying to your leader to your braided line, this knot is strong enough to handle nearly any fish you’ll come across, while also being easy enough to tie in just a few seconds.

It’s the uni knot and although there are many tutorials out there, many of them miss out on one specific change that you need to make if you’re using braided line.

So check out this video to see the best way to tie this easy, but strong knot for beginners.

Have any questions about this fishing knot?

Let me know in the comments below!

And to see all of the best knots to use in any situation, check out this ultimate guide to fishing knots:

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