The Complete Fishing Planet Beginners Guide – Episode 1 – Lonestar Lake

Tips For Beginners

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In the brand-new series the complete fishing planet beginners guide we head to Lonestar Lake to start our epic journey to catching every single species in fishing planet. This guide will show what gear to buy, where to fish, and while showing pan fish locations and money fish for beginners. As we work towards our ultimate goal we will also for the first time be participating in competitions, and I will be sharing my setups along the way as we treat this account as our new main! Find out the locations to catching all the panfish, then move on to exploration 2, when we go hunting for the grass pickerel, spotted bass, catfish, and the annoying Smallmouth Buffalo.

Trying to catch all the Monster Fish? Here’s how!

Looking for a guide based on spending no IRL money?

Ultimate Beginners Guide Playlist:

Some Fishing Planet Quick tips!


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00:00 – Intro
01:10 – No Shared Progression between platforms
01:15 – No Money Spent
01:45 – Tutorial
03:15 – Leaving the Lake
04:20 – Tips and Options
04:50 – Peak Times
05:00 – Fast Forwarding
05:15 – Normal Casting
05:20 – Reel Speed and Drag Explanation
06:37 – Travel Costs and Selling Fish
07:10 – Missions
08:09 – Sunfish and Shiners
09:39 – Lonestar Exploration 2 Start
10:00 – 12:23 – Catfish
12:25 – Spinning Setup + lure
14:42 – Bass and pike Location With Lure fishing Tips
18:24 – Float Setup and Smallmouth location #1
19:36 – Level 11 Semolina Balls and DLC
21:30 – Smallmouth Buffalo Caught – Location #2

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