Fly Fishing Casting Long Distance and Techniques – Using Technique, the Double Haul & False Casting

Fishing Techniques

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A quality fly line makes all the difference when casting!

Need more help with your fly fishing cast? Check this out!

There is a lot to consider when casting a fly rod, especially for the first time. My hope is that you can integrate some of these best practices, tips and techniques into your own casting style to help with your fly casting growth. Remember, there is no one that can perform a perfect cast every time and don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it ‘wrong’! There are just small adjustments you can make to improve and grow – the important part is that you are out there fly fishing and enjoying this amazing pastime – you got this! Just with a little practice and patience – your cast will improve! Cheers and FISH-ON!!!

This tutorial will provide you with techniques that with practice will provide you with the tools so you too can cast your fly rod 60, 80 and even 100 feet with little effort. While it is important to keep a mental discipline regarding your rod position at 10-2, your arc will begin to widen slightly beyond this point as your distance increases. However, it’s important to have this mental discipline in place so that your cast won’t degrade. You will find that your arc will widen to near 9 – 3 (or 170 degrees) as you continue to generate line speed with greater distance.

I will be creating additional videos weekly on fly casting techniques, tips and tutorials related to fly fishing. If you are enjoying these video’s and want to see more; come and join me on the journey and subscribe! Also, if you have a suggestion on what you would like to see; give this video a ‘thumbs-up’ and leave your comments below. Thank you and FISH-ON!!

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Tippet (5x, 4x, 3x):
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