Top 5 DIY Saltwater Fishing Rigs When Using Bait, Cheap And Easy To Make

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This video shows different ways to rig for inshore saltwater fishing with bait. These are the most common methods of tying on leaders, hooks, swivels and sinkers. The best DIY rigging combinations of terminal tackle, braided line, mono, steal leader and fluorocarbon are know as:

1. The Fish Finder
2. Freeline or weightless
3. Dropper or chicken
4. Spilt shot or crimp weight
5. Knocker

After watching this video you will know how to rig for fishing inshore in saltwater. This information is more geared toward the beginner fisherman. Also included in this tutorial are tips related to fishing with these particular leader combinations. These setups will work around bridges, jetty rocks, piers, seawalls, grass flats, inlets, passes and docks.

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