Affordable Fishing Rod Refinishing at Home, Budget Remodeling (DIY)


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I decided to refinish a fishing rod that is close to fifty years old. The idea was to not spend a lot of money in the remodeling process. The methods I used are inexpensive and the materials are readily available from local stores.

This video includes:

1. Redoing the fishing rod handle

2. Stripping off the eyes and cleaning them

3. Sanding down the old paint on the rod

4. Repainting blank

5. Wrapping the fishing eyes

6. Sealing the fishing eye wraps

All of the things listed above cost less than forty dollars to do. This is an amateur approach to refinishing a fishing rod in a homemade fashion. All of the work done in this video was performed by hand and completed using many items and tools I already had at home. There were no special tools or equipment purchased for refinishing fishing rods.

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