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What To Wear Fishing In Alaska Travel Essentials Alaska Fishing Pliers http://amzn.to/2jqCUjC Planning a fishing trip to Alaska, or another cold and rainy fishing location? Here are travel essentials packing tips how I pack for a deep sea fishing trip to catch halibut, salmon, and cod. Be prepared for wet weather fishing by dressing in layers. Layers are the best way to dress to stay warm and comfortable. Avoid cotton clothing, as it will become, wet, heavy, and uncomfortable. Start with a base layer of a dri-fit or quick dry type fabric that wicks moisture away while keeping you warm. Next, fleece layers are the best for warmth. Choose pullovers, zip up jackets, and vests. Top it all with waterproof layers. Have a rain suit, and a full on waterproof suit for the most inclement weather. The only way to truly enjoy a trip to the out of doors is to have the proper clothing to keep you dry and comfortable. Then you only need to worry about having the strength to reel in the next big fish, rather than how cold or wet you are. Choose a great pair of boots with rubber soles so you won’t slip on the boat or beach. Toss in a few comfort items, and pack your camera. Have a great time on your fishing adventure, no matter the weather. Fishing in Alaska is the greatest!


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