Should You Buy A 2 Piece Fishing Rod?


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Matt explains the advantages and disadvantages of 1 and 2 piece fishing rods so you can make an educated decision about which option is best for your fishing style.

The rods we recommend based on budget:

7′ Medium Spinning Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Dobyns Fury:
High $$$- G Loomis NRX:

7′ Medium Baitcasting Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Shimano Clarus:
High $$$- Dobyns Champ Extreme:

7′-7’2″ Medium Heavy Baitcasting Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Dobyns Fury:
High $$$- Shimano Zodias:

Reel Recommendations for each…

Spinning Low $$$- Shimano Nexave 2500:
Spinning Mid $$$- Saros 2500:

Baitcasting Low $$$- Shimano Caius:
Baitcasting Mid $$$- Shimano Citica 7:1 :

We know that getting into bass fishing and trying to purchase tackle and equipment can be very overwhelming. We hope these quick tips will help you make educated decisions while purchasing your first fishing pole. Good luck on your fishing adventure!

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