COMMON FIGURE 8 MISTAKES IN MUSKY FISHING! And how to improve your boat side game!!!

Top Mistakes

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We all struggle to master the figure 8 when we start out as a musky angler. I struggled for years, and still make mistakes today. But with failure comes practice and we get better, we are not perfect, you’ll watch our mistakes on the water.

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Watch and we will show you some techniques to help improve your figure 8’s and your decision making at the side of the boat.
Figure 8’s are a skill that needs to be practiced, get out on the water and contact as many fish as you can. Baits, including the Thriller Leaders and Sucker Rigs Rods and Baits Rods and Baits Baits Fishing Line Bump Boards Lithium batteries in Canada Musky and fishing retailer in Canada

0:00 intro
0:42 why it’s important
1:48 common mistakes, yep we are making them
8:30 making the right moves
13:40 all the right moves and the wrong outcome
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