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Who are the Inuit people of today? What does it mean to live in the vast expanse of the Arctic, in the age of urbanization and technology?
In Nunavut, a Canadian territory we meet a new generation of Inuit, for whom this loss of identity has taken a dramatic turn caused by difficult cultural transition.
Matthew and Elena, two inmates in a local correctional center, agreed to participate in the “On the Land Program”. This project, dedicated to helping Inuit people get back to their roots, teaches them about their own people, and helps them develop ancestral skills, including hunting wild animals, making clothing with their fur, and building igloos to resist the harsh weather. Starting with their initiation, and progressing to stunning scenes in the Arctic ice fields, the film provides an in-depth portrayal of a forgotten population and the challenges it is trying to overcome.

Documentary: “Inuit, fighting for a better life”
Direction: Jérôme Ségur
Production: ZED, Ushuaïa TV & France Télévisions

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