Leader Line MISTAKES (Inshore Saltwater Fishing Edition)

Top Mistakes

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What are the most common mistakes with anglers and their leader line?

What should anglers be using to ensure their leader line is properly assembled?

If you want to learn the best ways to form your leader, then check this out!

In this episode, we discuss the different leaders and reasons why we use leader lines when inshore saltwater fishing!!

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What is your go-to leader length and why?

0:00 – Common leader line mistakes
2:34 – Leader line underwater
2:48 – Leader sizes based on target species
4:20 – Fishing around structure, jetties, or docks
4:39 – Advantages of monofilament around structure
4:59 – NEVER reel your knot connecting the leader and braid through the guides of the rod
7:21 – Average leader length
10:24 – Popular knots to use for assembling a leader
12:33 – Storebought leader rigs
13:35 – The TRUTH behind swivels
15:49 – Steel leaders
16:21 – Fishing without a leader line
19:25 – Monofilament VS. Fluorocarbon
29:16 – The Dirty Deeks Leader
32:43 – Proper leader lengths
34:08 – Test your knots!
35:044 – Precautions for fishing around structure
37:24 – How often do you change out your leader?
40:24 – Common mistakes with the FG Knot

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