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Tips And Tricks

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King Salmon season is about to open and I wanted to take the time to talk to you about my favorite fish to catch. This is a “how to” for the salmon fisherman with little experience or someone who is thinking about getting started. This video will help teach you the basics so you too can catch a salmon outside of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco bay area. I talk about the salmon season and how it progresses through the year. I teach you how I find the salmon and what to look for. I also discuss your bait options like a krippled anchovy or watermelon apex. I do go over some of the regulations for California Salmon fishing. I put in a lot of old video footage to help illustrate what I am talking about. All footage was recorded by me. The whale feeding on anchovies is my best glimpse yet of the whales out there and I was recording! I hope you enjoy and learn something. Please let me know your tips and tricks in the comments. Please consider subscribing, its free, it helps the channel grow so I can continue to deliver content. Thanks Chris

links to my Ocean Salmon videos and my favorite river one.

Lots of underwater action-

Catching 22 pounder

Sea lion attacks our salmon

23 pounder caught in Sacramento river

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