Top 5 Fish Finder Mistakes (Most Anglers Make)

Top Mistakes

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I get tons of questions from people both on social media and on my guide boat about fish finders and have a ton of anglers that come to me to better learn how to use and read their sonar. Several years ago I started to notice a pattern of mistakes that almost every angler that contacted me would make when using their fish finders.

I finally got around to putting together this article and video covering these top 4 fishfinder mistakes that most anglers make. If you’ll pay close attention to the information covered in this video and make the suggested changes you’ll unleash the true power of your down imaging, side imaging, and 2D sonar and you’ll be a better angler because you’ll find and catch more fish!

These tips aren’t just for catfish anglers as these rules apply to any species of fish!

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