3 Shrimp Rigging Mistakes (And The Correct Way To Rig Them)

Top Mistakes

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It’s shrimp rigging time!

When you rig shrimp (no matter if they’re live or dead) you want to make them appear lively and natural.

But the way most anglers are rigging them, they flop down on the bottom on their side or spin around in the water, looking anything but lively and natural.

When you do that, you’re significantly hurting your chances of catching fish.

So in this video, you’ll see the top 3 shrimp rigging mistakes, as well as how to fix them and the proper way to rig shrimp.

This will let you catch more fish and have your shrimp last longer.

If you’ve ever rigged your shrimp right through the middle of their body, this video is for you!

Have any questions about rigging shrimp?

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