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My-Tie is a knot tying tool for fishing hooks. (Patent Pending).
Fishing knots should be easy and with the My Tie tool they are!
Learn to tie fishing hook knots with the revolutionary My Tie knot tying tool. Tying fishing knots the easy way with the My Tie fishing knot tying tool is so simple anyone can do it. Even if you have poor eyesight, big hands, or frozen fingers clinch knots for fishing are EASY.
The My Tie fishing knot tying tool has TWO threading devices that make threading hooks, swivels, jigs, and lures so easy you probably wont need your glasses for tying fishing knots anymore!
Just getting into fishing? The My Tie knot tying tool for fishing hooks, jigs, lures, and swivels makes learning how to tie a proper knot a breeze!
It’s easy to become frustrated tying fishing knots, with fishing line and tackle purposely getting smaller and more invisible every day. Don’t let a simple task like tying fishing hooks give you even a moment of aggravation. With the My Tie knot tying tool, tying a fishing knot like an improved clinch knot is actually FUN!
Thick line, thin line, fly line or monofilament, the My Tie knot tying tool is the easiest way to get the job done.

If you would like to purchase a My Tie fishing knot tool, check out eBay and search for “My Tie” or check out the links below!
Distributor and licensee contacts are welcomed

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