15 Fishing Knots Variations of Tying Fishing Hooks | Braid to Hook

Hook Knots

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Hello everyone, If you are looking for different variations in Tying fishing hooks, then this video is for you. Please share to your fishing friends.

No name Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM
Egg Loop Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=75
Overhand Loop Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=178
Blood Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=293
Overhand Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=399
No Name Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=467
Ashley Stopper Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=540
Double Fisherman’s Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=645
Figure 8 Loop Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=741
Pigtail Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=790
Clinch Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=932
Snell Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=1002
Clinch Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=1156
Improved Clinch Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=1242
Palomar Knot: https://youtu.be/48H3AVUaRPM?t=1307

Greetings, you are in the right place to start learning fishing hacks as the experts do. Let’s begin to learn how to tie a hook, connect strings from braided to monofilament to fluorocarbon, attach a bait, make a bait, fishing tips and tricks, and a lot more than you can learn from this channel. One of the oldest ways to survive is fishing.
Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back about 40,000 years ago… Hopefully, this channel will be helpful to you.

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These are the other knots for fishing that you should try:

Palomar knot, Uni knot, FG knot, GT knot, Blood knot, Albright knot, Snell knot, Double Uni knot, Clinch knot, Trilene knot, Improved clinch knot, Loop knot, Yucatan knot, Braid twister knot, Figure 8 knot, San Diego jam knot, Ashley stopper knot, Paracord knot, Slim beauty knot and many more.

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