Fishing Hacks

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Do you want more fishing hacks that will save you money?

We’ve got you covered!

We aren’t cutting any corners, but we want to show you FIVE of our best saltwater fishing hacks that will save you money on tackle and even save you time out on the water.

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In this episode, we discuss some hacks we’ve uncovered over the years and why we find them to be so effective!

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What are some fishing hacks you came across along the way?

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0:00 – #1: The TRUTH to re-spooling spinning reels with braided line
5:19 – Objections to re-spooling technique
9:49 – #2: The Nub Rig
13:24 – Soft plastics getting “pants’d”
14:29 – Different rigging techniques
15:32 – #3: Mono VS. Fluoro
22:06 – #4: Live Shrimp VS. Frozen Shrimp
24:55 – #5: Weedless Shrimp Rig
26:38 – Advantages of using a weedless rig
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