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If you are looking for the best fishing knot for almost any application, and the easiest fishing knot to tie, the Snell knot , Blood knot, uni knot , palomar knot , knot is an excellent choice.. Tying a fishing knot can be confusing for new fishermen, and learning how to tie on a fishing hook can be intimidating. There are a lot of fishing knots out there. This fishing knot is one that can be used to tie on a hook, tie on a lure, or even tie two pieces of fishing line together. This fishing knot has excellent knot strength and is easy to learn to tie. In this video I will show you how to tie the uni knot and how to use the uni knot for hooks, how to tie the uni knot snell, and using the uni knot to tie two pieces of fishing line together. Its a great knot to learn how to tie on a hook.
Most popular fishing knots: palomar knot, uni knot, fg knot, gt knot, blood knot, albright knot, snell knot, double uni knot, clinch knot, trilene knot, improved clinch knot, loop knot, yucatan knot, braid twister knot , figure 8 knot, san diego jam knot, ashley stopper knot, paracord knot, uni blood knot, modified albright knot, alberto knot, arbor knot, offshore swivel knot
knot GT, Blood Knot, Albright Knot, Snell Knot, Single Double Knot, Grab Knot, Triple Knot, Enhanced Grab Knot, Ring Knot, Yucatan Knot, Hurricane Braid Knot, Figure 8 Knot, San Diego Jam Knot, Ashley Stopper Knot, Knot Paracord knot, monoblood knot, modified Albright knot, Alberto knot, Arbor knot, marine swivel knot.
Fishing knots are great for mono and fluorocarbon fishing line, but they are one of the best fishing knots for braided line! The single knot is so versatile, it can work with bass fish, trout, and big fish!

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