Fishing Knot Skills | 9 Fishing Knots For Braid To Hook, Lure, Swivel

Hook Knots

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Learn these fishing knots before you lose the fish of a lifetime!

Braided fishing line is strong, low stretch, thin in diameter, and casts extremely well. One important thing to note is that some of the best fishing knots do not work for braid. Braided line is extra slick, and some knots simply won’t hold. For this reason, you need to learn what knots are best for attaching hooks, swivels, and lures to braided fishing line.

Usually when you search for best knots for braid, all you will see is fishing knot videos showing the palomar knot. Although this is a great knot, there are plenty of alternative fishing knots that you can use with braided fishing line.

In the video I demonstrate the traditional palomar knot, but also 8 alternative knots that are extremely strong when used with braided line. These fishing knots include: the double uni knot, the berkley braid knot, the double pitzen knot, the san diego jam knot, palomar knot variations, the improved clinch knot, and more.

The best fishing knot still has alot to do with personally preference, so be sure to try several of these!

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00:00 Double uni knot
00:43 Double San Diego jam knot
01:37 Berkley braid knot
02:33 Double Pitzen knot
03:20 Double loop palomar knot
04:20 Improved clinch knot
05:21 Improved uni knot
06:23 Improved San Diego jam knot
07:27 Standard palomar knot

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